Used Seadoo RXP

Find Great Prices on used Seadoo RXP skis and parts.

Seadoo RXPEveryone knows that a Jet Ski is a blast to ride and the SeaDoo RXP is more fun than most. Even people that have never ridden one before. All you have to do is see someone else riding to know that it is fun.

If you are like me then the biggest problem with getting a jet ski is the price tag that comes on a new one. Buying used makes a lot of sense. It is far more affordable than buying a new ski. I seriously doubt that I will ever buy anything more expensive than a lawn mower brand new again. It just doesn't make sense. When you buy used then you actually pay what the thing is worth instead of what the MSRP is.

Getting a Used SeaDoo RXP is a great idea. They are fast machines and a lot of fun to ride. If you buy one brand new though you have to pay the SeaDoo price tag for it. A lot of times you can pick up a ski that has only been used for a season or two and pay a lot less for a practically new ski.
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Use this site to help you find the deal that you are looking for. You can find listings for Used SeaDoo RXP watercraft below on this page. There is also a page for finding used RXP parts if you are looking to repair one instead of buy.


The SeaDoo RXP is one of the fastest personal watercraft in the water. If you have never ridden a jet ski before then you will not be disappointed. These things are a complete blast to ride.

Buying a used SeaDoo RXP is of course going to be the lowest price that you can pay for a SeaDoo RXP. These things start at over 10 grand and that is for the cheapest ones that you can get new. If you are going to buy a used SeaDoo RXP then Ebay is always the best place to do it.

Remember to look at the feedback of the seller because this can tell you something very important. If he has sold other things on Ebay before then what you are looking at is the percentage of positive feedback that they have. This basically lets you know what the people that have bought from them before thought about it.

A high percentage is a good indicator that you are dealing with an honest person. That is a very important thing to know when buying any kind of used item. The feedback score is one of the big things that makes Ebay so popular. It is also one of the things that makes Ebay one of the safest places to do business.